Real Talk:
Diversity in Tech

Celebrate Pride with us on Friday, June 25 at noon PT / 3pm ET

Real Talk: Diversity in Tech is back with panelists from Zillow, Redfin, and Gusto. They'll discuss a variety of topics, including:

  • What an anti-racist company culture looks like
  • What leaders should know about intersectionality
  • How to measure inclusion in the workplace

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About Real Talk

Since 2017, Karat has hosted Real Talk: Diversity in Tech. The event is curated by Portia Kibble Smith, Director of DEI with a simple objective: create a free and open space for leaders and innovators to reflect on their experiences and reveal what companies can do to create inclusive cultures. Even in 2021, these conversations continue to be critical. We hope Real Talk empowers others to be champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Roz Francuz-Harris

Moderated by
Roz Francuz-Harris (she/her/hers),
Director of Technology Recruiting,

Roz has worked at some of the largest enterprises and fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. With creating access to tech jobs for underrepresented communities as her passion, Roz has developed a reputation for building diverse recruiting teams at companies that reflect her personal values and strive to impact those same communities through hiring initiatives, development opportunities, and retention motivated programing.

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Meet our panelists

Rafael Williams

Rafael Williams (he/him/his)
Manager of Emerging Talent & Inclusive programs at Redfin

Rafael is an innovative senior-level university programs Diversity Recruiter (tech & non-tech) with growing expertise in sourcing, developing social media strategies, identifying diverse talent, and coordinating on-campus activities. Amongst a host of others, Rafael focuses on diversity recruiting practices to improve the attraction and retention of diverse employees to create a richer and more inclusive environment that will drive better economics.

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Cha-Cha Figuero

Cha-Cha Figueroa (she/her/hers)
Chief of Staff for Gusto’s Employee Engagement Team

Cha-Cha's professional motto is "leave it better than you found it" and execute "con ganas" (with desire, motivation and passion). Cha-Cha has strived to live her motto through her work as a culture crafter & employee engagement expert. She is attracted to this work as a way to dismantle systemic inequities in the tech industry. Before Gusto, Cha-Cha consulted in the people space and started Queerly Balanced, a community for LGBTQ+ professionals. In her time of rest from this critical resistance work, Cha-Cha enjoys traveling with her family, cooking gourmet meals, and gardening.

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When advising companies on D&I strategies, I've noticed a common thread in companies that are most successful: they really listen to the underrepresented minorities who are truly impacted by having—or not having—a diverse and inclusive company and culture. What better way to find out why diversity in tech remains a challenge than to talk with the people affected? So, at Karat, I was able to create a venue to hear from and share the voices of underrepresented minorities in tech through our event series "Real Talk: Diversity in Tech."

Portia Kibble Smith Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Karat